"I met Belinda early in my career. As her candidate, I found her to be professional, thorough and pleasant. She identified an opportunity that was a fit – both for me and the company – and she was absolutely right as I worked there for close to 12 years. During that time and now at another organization, I’ve partnered with Belinda as an employer looking to fill various temporary and permanent positions. Belinda always listens to the need, asks questions and sends candidates with the skills, positive attitude and potential we look for in our employees. I’d highly recommend working with Belinda based on her ability to match top-notch candidates with great organizations while providing exemplary customer service."

Bernstein Management Corporation   

“I have known Belinda for over ten years and across several different professional services firms in the DC Metro area. During my time at some of DC’s top tier legal firms, I came to rely not only on Belinda’s extensive knowledge of the market, but on her instincts, and her ability to listen to the needs of her clients. Recently, I moved into PR & Communications, and the first time I had a hard to fill role on my own team, I naturally called Belinda. Over the years, she has provided me with great counsel and the best talent, and is always 100% professional. Belinda is simply a class act and a real pleasure to work with. “

Chief Talent Officer   

"I have engaged Belinda’s talent acquisition services multiple times in more than one organization. I return to her as one of my “go to” resources because I know she will find someone with the requisite skills we need, as well as a delightful, vibrant, and team-oriented disposition. I refer to her candidates as “happy and shiny”. The reality is her talent placements stick, and they become valued and long-standing colleagues."

Chief HR Officer   

"I have worked with Belinda for more than 15 years. She is a seasoned staffing professional. Belinda takes her role as consultant, advisor and confidante very seriously. She listens to the requirements of the role being filled, offers her suggestions for the best way to accomplish sourcing exceptional candidates and redirects the process whenever the requirements change as often happens in the legal industry. I often seek out Belinda’s guidance when dealing with a difficult to fill position where the principles’ idea of the “right” candidate differs from the type of candidate my experience tells me would be most successful. Belinda never fails to offer sound, unbiased and objective solutions to provide an exceptional candidate choice. She assists with methods used to help convince those involved in hiring to take a more global look at potential candidates, with the end result yielding more diverse and exceptional candidates. I have no reservation in recommending Belinda to any of my colleagues as a recruiter, mentor or business partner. She is a consummate professional in everything that she sets out to accomplish and I have no doubt she will be a top business owner in the recruiting and staff industry."

Associate Director, Human Resources